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The Adztec Marketplace.

Our marketplace is filled with great apps at competitive prices. Starting from as low as $0.10 CPM. From games to utilites we have every target market covered. If you need a hand selecting the best placements, don't be scared to get in touch. Will help you deliver the right message to the right market. Browse the Marketplace

Powerful Management

We provide a powerful management system so you can easily create and track your ad campaigns. With our "transparent" reporting you can easily see which apps and which Countries are work best for your campaigns. Sign up for free and find out more...

Create. Manage. Optimise.

Once you have your ad campaigns up and running, try different versions of creative with our multiple ad unit A/B testing feature. Cancel the placements that aren't working and keep the ones that work. It couldn't be easier. Sign up for free and find out more...